Regular sport is a fundamental aspect required to increase a child’s physical, social, and psychological development.

Our PE lessons, from a variety of different sports; and delivered by top GB athletes combine a fun & enthusiastic approach to learning with intense competition, & challenging activities.

We follow strict guidelines to ensure all athletes are qualified to deliver the challenging activities we provide as part of the PE lessons. These are suitable for both primary and secondary schools.

Our athletes really are modern day superheroes that are fully engaged in participating within all activities, to ensure that students get the full experience of competing alongside their role models.

£149 per hour

Frequently asked questions

When a date is confirmed with the school, we start the recruitment process for athletes. We contact all athletes and ask for their availability on the specific date.

We then shortlist athletes based on the criteria set by the school, and provide schools with a list of athletes and their achievements. From this, the school can then decide which athlete they would to visit. Athletes In School will also make a recommendation based on athlete feedback from other schools they have visited.

PE lessons vary depending on the athlete’s individual sport. Athletes In School can provide primary & secondary schools with lesson plans that highlight exactly what activities will be covered in the PE lessons.

Schools are also able to ask for certain activities based on their preferences. Activities covered may include:

Olympic style warm ups
Speed, agility & reaction drills
Blocks & sprint starts
Sprint relays and baton changes
The endurance challenge
Hurdle technique work & practice
Shot, discuss, javelin technique work & practice
High jump technique work & practice
Learning the Fosbury flop
Long jump/ triple jump technique work & practice
Learning the leg shoot in a sand pit
Competitive relay races

Athletes In Schools will provide schools with an example timetable for the day. Schools can edit this based on their timetable and return this to us.

On average a PE lesson last 1 hour. This consists of a 5 minute briefing before the activities start, a 45 minute PE lesson, and a 10 minute question & answer session at the end of the PE lesson.

Schools are able to request a time change however, and based on student numbers many schools shorten PE lessons to 30 – 40 minutes.

This would still work, and the quality of the PE lessons would still remain. We would simply add or remove activities based on the contact time the athletes have.

An athlete can work with up to 25 students at any one time.  This number is slightly negotiable based on the level of involvement by teachers and support staff.

We ask schools to please consider bringing in 2 athletes if they have a larger number of students. This way the quality of the PE lessons remains high.

The standard of the PE lessons will always remain high, however the activities can vary depending on the ability of students.

Many schools separate groups based on their ability, and therefore Athletes In Schools are able to increase the difficultly of the activities to change the more able students.

Likewise, the level of difficult can also be decreased to suit the needs of the student.

Athletes In Schools tend to use the equipment provided to them by the school. However, if the school is unable to provide this we can bring our own.

The main equipment required would be cones and batons.

The PE lessons we deliver are suitable for both primary and secondary schools, ages 7 – 16.

We provide a separate service if schools are interested in PE lessons for reception and nursery.

The athletes we provide are willing to sign autographs, take group picture with the students, and answer questions that the students may have.
Most of our athletes are qualified in a variety of different coaching courses. Many of our athletes are also university scholars, on full time & part time PE/ coaching degrees.

Athletes In Schools also provide athletes with basic training of all the activities required as part of the PE lessons.

Yes. Athletes In Schools can provide your school with a full risk assessment upon request.